Sopwith Camel - 1967

NR-5 Original vintage poster for Sopwith Camel at the Matrix in San Francisco by Victor Moscoso - this was Neon Rose #5


This iconic Moscoso poster in the Neon Rose series calls to mind some of the crazier fashions to come, such as fat platform heeled shoes worn by men. Here the drop shadows tunnel away from you almost to a vanishing point. This show was scheduled for the Matrix which allowed minors (unlike the Fillmore and Avalon) and that’s why, “Minors Welcome,” is mentioned prominently on the poster.  Sopwith Camel liked this poster enough to make it the cover of their first album.



For San Francisco's psychedelic Sopwith Camel, life as a Sixties pop sensation ended as quickly as it began. In February of 1967, the band scored its one and only hit, a good-time novelty tune called, "Hello, Hello." Within six months — immediately following the release of its debut album — the band broke up having been unprepared and ill-equipped to deal with their success.

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