Deep Purple, It's a Beautiful Day, 1968

BG-147 Original 1968 Deep Purple poster by Rick Griffin called Abba Zabba. Also advertised Nov 28-Dec 1 1968 concert by It's a Beautiful Day at Fillmore West

Rick Griffin and Alton Kelley


Deep Purple, It's A Beautiful Day, 1968




First printing, lithograph, Condition: Near Mint


Signed by Rick Griffin


Framed: 28 1/4" tall x 20" wide





Close up of signature by Rick Griffin

Close-up of frame


The third and final Rick Griffin and Alton Kelley collaboration (Griffin often collaborated with Victor Moscoso, and Kelley of course worked with Stanley Mouse on virtually all of his compositions) was a good example of both artists' use of contemporary advertising in their design. The poster features a taxi cab checker design with an "Abba-Zabba" candy bar wrapper and image of monkey working on transistor. Abba-Zabbas were candy bars made at the time by the Cardinet Candy Company of Oakland, across the Bay from San Francisco. Perhaps a favorite of one of the artists?



This poster advertises the very first tour of Deep Purple who had a hit single, “Hush,”  that reached #4 on the Billboard Hot 100 charts. It would be a few more years before they hit the real Big Time with the heavy metal classic, “Smoke on the Water.” Here they opened for SF-based It’s a Beautiful Day who were getting massive Bay-Area airplay with their hits, “White Bird,” and “Hot Summer Day.”

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