Grateful Dead, Lightning Hopkins, 1966

BG-32 Grateful Dead Poster from 1966 at the Fillmore with Lightning Hopkins and The Yardbirds. 1966 concert poster is by Wes Wilson and features Jerry Garcia photo by Herb Greene

Wes Wilson (1937-2020)


"Beardless Jerry"


Grateful Dead and Lightning Hopkins, 1966


first printing, lithograph, Condition: Very good minus


Framed: 28" tall x 19 7/8" wide





close-up, central image

Close-up of frame and left corner

Close-up of frame and right corner

Photo by Herb Greene of Jerry Garcia with trademark background being in Greene's dining room.

Cover of Surrealistic Pillow, 1967, by Jefferson Airplane, again with Herb Greene photo and decor.


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This concert merges the lettering of Wes Wilson – where you can easily see the Vienna Secessionist influence – and a photo of a young and beardless Jerry Garcia by Herb Greene. Greene was one of the early photographers of the Haight-Ashbury music scene. If you look closely at the background behind Jerry, you will see some small wall etchings.



This iconic wall of hieroglyphics was used as a background for the Surrealistic Pillow cover photography along with many other famous photos of San Francisco musicians in the late 1960s and it was located in Greene's dining room. As he removed wallpaper from the room, Greene found the phrase "Happy New Year" written on the wall. Before he had a chance to paint over it, his roommate drew the hieroglyphics which originally upset him but went on to be synonymous with the image of San Francisco psychedelic music.

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