Grateful Dead at Boreal Ridge 1985

Poster for Grateful Dead at Boreal Ridge 1985. August 24, 1985 poster for Grateful Dead by Armando Busick

Armando Busick


Grateful Dead at Boreal Ridge 1985


first printing lithograph, Excellent condition, backed by Linen


Framed dimensions: 24" tall x 16 7/8" wide



Frame at angle

Close-up of frame


“Terrible show, great time.”  This seems to be a close to universal opinion of this event which at the time was the Highest Grateful Dead show to date at 7,200’ above sea level. That about sums up people’s state of mind in the 98-degree heat for this afternoon show that was wracked with technical problems leading Bobby to nearly lose it, kicking his amplifier across the stage (“get it Ace!”)  Someone had climbed up one of the ski lift towers and Phil said "Hey Buddy, there's 30 thousand people waiting for you to climb down!"



The show ended at dusk and no one was in the mood to go home and many epic hacky sack circles, drums, frisbees and other forms of 3D merriment lasted into the darkness. We had friends in Truckee and went to a party, deciding at midnight to drive the 4 hours back to San Francisco, a decidedly bad idea but we made it. It’s worth googling the tapes and reading the comments of all the people who attended – everyone has a story.



Armando Busick, who had done the Grateful Dead poster for 1983’s show at grass Valley in the foothills was called upon to create this poster which was plastered from Sacramento to Lake Tahoe to advertise the show.

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