Flower Children Fashion

Ron Chereskin poster Flower Children Hippie Fashion Blacklight poster 1969

Ron Chereskin


Flower Children Fashion, 1969


First printing Dayglo Silkscreen, backed with linen, Excellent


Framed: 44 1/2" tall x 33 1/4" wide




Close-up of frame

Frame at angle


This huge blacklight poster was produced by Poster Prints in Plymouth Square Center, Conshohoken, PA. At the time, posters were the rage among young people and many printers sprang into action to fill the demand.  That this is essentially a fashion poster ironically points the direction that artist Ron Chereskin would later take – as a leading designer of bed bath and home items including a current line of scented candles!



Ron Chereskin began his career as a freelance illustrator quickly rising to prominence by producing award winning magazine covers, as well as commissioned paintings and illustrations. His works are on permanent display in the library of The House of Representatives in Washington, DC and MOMA in New York City. 



Many posters from the late 1960s were large and unwieldy and printed on thin paper and so the big unanswered question is how many have survived in decent shape. This one has been backed with linen to preserve it and it looks out at you from behind nearly invisible museum glass.

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