CSNY, Portland OR, 1970

Original 1970 concert poster for CSNY playing in Portland OR. Crosby Still Nash & Young old western look to this poster

Randy Tuten


CSNY Portland OR, 1970

Photograph by Henry Diltz


First printing, lithograph, Condition: Very Good Plus


21 1/2" tall x 24 7/16" wide





Close-up of frame

Close-up of frame at angle


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This show was smack in the middle of the second North American tour by CSNY, after which they broke up and did not tour again until 1974. Great anticipation had built for the expanded supergroup and their first album with Neil Young, Déjà Vu, which arrived in stores in March 1970. It topped the charts during a 97-week run in the United States and generated three hit singles, including "Woodstock" (#11) and both of Nash's contributions, ”Teach Your Children" [#16] and, "Our House" [#30].



This poster by Randy Tuten used one of the press photos that was from the photo shoot for the Déjà Vu album cover session. Henry Diltz was the photographer.



A month before the tour began there was trouble and Stephen Stills fired bassist Cliff Reeves, replacing him with Calvin "Fuzzy" Samuels, a Jamaican musician discovered by Stills at Island Records' London studios. Shortly thereafter, drummer Dallas Taylor was dismissed when Young threatened to leave the group following the first concert of the tour in Denver on May 12, 1970. John Barbata (formerly of The Turtles) was hired to replace Taylor for the remainder of the tour.



The Kent State shootings happened on May 4, 1970, just two weeks before this show. At the time, Young and Crosby were staying at a house near San Francisco when reports of the shootings arrived, inspiring Young to write the protest song "Ohio". Recorded and released just weeks later with the new rhythm section, it peaked at #14 in August, providing another Top 20 hit for the group. The setlist for Portland was extensive with a total of 25 songs. A 16-song acoustic set was followed by electric and “Ohio,” was part of the evening.


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