Big Brother & The Holding Co., 1966

FD-38 1966 poster for Big Brother & The Holding Company, Oxford Cirle and Lee Michaels at the Avalon Ballroom December 9-10, 1966 by Victor Moscoso featuring the large Injun Joe logo from The Family Dog with swirly blue and red eyes

Victor Moscoso 


Swirly Eyes, 1966


Big Brother & The Holding Company


first printing, lithograph, Condition: Near Mint


Framed: 23 1/8" tall x 19 1/8" wide





Close-up of frame


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This poster incorporates the Native American man from the Family Dog logo as the central image which Victor Moscoso psychedelicized with matching blue and red swirls over his eyes. It was a move toward the use of opposing colors that would mark Moscoso’s greatest works to come. The centerpiece of the elaborate Family Dog logo was named “Injun Joe,” and he had a stovepipe hat with a cigarette – make that a joint --  drooping from his mouth. Sometimes the caption is included, “May the baby Jesus shut your mouth and open your mind.” The logo was designed by the father of the psychedelic poster, Wes Wilson.



Chet Helms, co-founder and lead promoter of The Family Dog, built the San Francisco rock scene, along with Bill Graham. He produced well over 100 concerts at the Avalon Ballroom from 1966-1968. Originally from Texas, Helms was a good friend of Janis Joplin’s in Austin and was instrumental in bringing her to San Francisco and hooking her up with Big Brother and the Holding Company, headlining this bill.



Helms was known for being more interested in building the hippie scene than making money and his ideals were no match for the sharper business instincts of rival promoter Bill Graham. Grateful Dead drummer Mickey Hart said of Helms that he hated to charge people to attend his events while Bill Graham hated to promote "free" concerts. "We were more about cultural revolution than we were about money," Helms said in 1991.

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