Beatles Silkscreen Playing Cards

psychedelic Beatles playing card posters by Steve Sachs 1967 Dayglo and Blacklight posters

Steve Sachs


Beatles Silkscreen Playing Cards, 1967


First printing Silkscreens, Near Mint condition


Framed dimensions: 29 1/4" tall x 23" wide


$$$$ - Sold as Set

John Lennon

Paul McCartney

George Harrison

Ringo Starr

John, frame at angle

John, frame

Paul frame at angle

Paul. frame

George - frame at angle

George, frame

Ringo, frame at angle

Ringo, frame


Sold as a Set  (you wouldn't eant to be the one who broke up the Beatles....)



Steve Sachs was a prominent silkscreen artist and publisher active in the late 1960s. He produced notable psychedelic blacklight posters along a number of themes including passages and images from Alice in Wonderland (an extremely important reference point back then), JRR Tolkien, Flower Power, psychedelic buddhas, vibrating peace signs, and other symbology of the period. These posters fluoresce very nicely under black light.



These posters represent the Beatles from the Sgt. Pepper era which was notable in that the Beatles had stopped touring completely after August 1966 but were still steering rock and roll into the psychedelic era with their trippier records and of course massive distribution and popularity. Beatles posters like these are rare and they were treated as the expendable art they were – tacked, taped, moved, ripped, battered, left in the attic for 30 years and one day thrown out – very few survived.

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