1967 Portland Spring Trips Festival

1967 Portland Spring Trips Festival poster featuring an airplane and The Wailers, PH Phactor, Tweedy Brothers at Portland Armory

1967 Portland Trips Festival


May 14, 1967


Lithograph, Condition: Very Good Plus


Framed dimensions: 21 1/2"h x 14 1/2"w in





Frame, angle


The original Trips Festival was held in San Francisco in 1966, as a "non-drug induced psychedelic experience," [ha ha] and included a little bit of everything; bands (like the Grateful Dead); light shows; films; t-shirt venders; Merry Pranksters, and plenty of stoned people milling around. Naturally, it was a lot of fun for those hip enough to endure all the madness, and the scene was repeated in events like this one in Portland.



Originally, this show was scheduled for April 30, but the date was changed due to a conflict. The Wailers were already a legendary band in the Seattle area, even though they had recently changed their sound to more of a folk-rock style. The remaining bands in the lineup were primarily dance bands, generally from the Portland area.



The piece was designed by "Air Sign Co." which was primarily Paul Bassett with occasional help from Gina Papen. The event was held on a Sunday at the Portland Armory behind the Blitz Brewery. “Booths, dancing, films, fashion!”  All for $2.50.

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